Invest in the special places in Wisconsin you cherish most.

The Cherish Wisconsin Outdoors Fund is a public-private partnership founded in 2012 between the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to create permanent support for the care and management of lands and waters loved by hikers, birders, hunters, and anglers alike. 

Logos: Go Wild, the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

This endowment provides a permanent source of funding to care for Wisconsin’s public lands for generations to come. The Fund was established to protect, restore, and improve habitat for Wisconsin’s plants and animals, and is an opportunity for citizens to invest in the public lands and waters where they recreate.

The Cherish Fund is built through voluntary contributions from citizens when they purchase their hunting and fishing licenses or make a donation online. Your donation to the Cherish Wisconsin Outdoors Fund ensures the future for Wisconsin’s public lands and waters, ensuring that your children and grandchildren have the opportunity to hunt, fish, bike, bird, and enjoy Wisconsin’s 1.5 million acres of publicly owned lands and waters.


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A special thanks to our stakeholder group who selected this year’s Cherish Fund projects